Dr McKay has been involved in a series of web-mediated instructional courseware design.


Cogniware was launched in 2000 to develop online courseware that integrated instructional design principles with individualised cognitive media preferences.


Graphical eMuseumSystem


A digital museum in Second Life capturing stories & games from elderly citizens in various cultures to be explored and played by children of the world.

Digital Leadership MOOCs

These modules explore the importance of shaping good digital leadership skills for Malaysian Higher Education academics through a Baldrige Performance Indicator.

Household Waste Management Training Tool

This online training-tool is designed to increase awareness of community waste management.

CSA Upgrade

Cognitive Styles Analysis 

The Riding CSA tool developed to analyse people's cognitive information processing preferences. This Project upgraded the DOS-based tool to a Windows platform.


Advanced Repurposing Pilot System


A cost-effective online reskilling program using advanced ICT tools to enhance work-place training with assured predictable outcomes.


Electronic Work-Finding Requirements Awareness Programme


An online program to capture efficiencies of HCI to enhance job searching outcomes for people undergoing vocational rehabilitation.


Education/Academic Skills Screening for the Young 


An automated system assisting educators evaluate people returning to study after an extended absence.

Healthcare Training


Customised instructional systems design.  

Meaningful Metaphors


Properly designed graphical metaphors are worth a thousand words.