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Elspeth McKay, PhD, Fellow ACS

Freelance Projects focussing on Instructional Design, online courseware development and learning analytics/psychometric testing.

After 25-years at RMIT University, Australia. Elspeth is moving back into her private consultancy, Cogniware.


Her PhD is in Computer Science and Information Systems, from Deakin University, Geelong, Australia.


Elspeth also holds further qualifications in Instructional Design, Computer Education and Business Information Systems. She is passionate about designing effective eLearning resources for industry training/reskilling programmes and the education sector.


Her project interests involve psychometric testing on the effectiveness of online learning environments.


Her work involves developing specialist e-Learning tools that implement digital transformation precision. 


Dr McKay has published extensively in the research fields of HCI and educational technology, with more than 150 peer-reviewed research papers, several educational technology books and has been awarded numerous awards for funded projects.

Research Projects
Red Leaves

Cogniware, GEMS, 


Digital Leadership MOOCs

Household Waste Management Training Tools

Meaningful Metaphors, EASY, CSA Upgrade

Healthcare Training 


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